The “Scoop” on Innovative Racecraft w/Troy Pirez Jr.

I caught up with Troy Pirez Jr. at his Seffner, Florida shop recently to catch up on what’s been going on with his Innovative Racecraft business and get the “scoop” on his new Lexan scoops. Troy Jr. has been in business well over a year now and made the move back to Seffner recently after working with Joe Irwin at Fast Forward Race Engines in New Port Richey, Florida.

What started as an after school side business then part time while working at Fast Forward has matured into something that requires full attention in a short time.

During the past 10 months Pirez Jr. has also been hitting up the bracket and index circuit with sponsorship from Kirt Sanders, driving his little red Mustang coupe. Over the term he has won 15 of 20 final round appearances and recorded his first double just last month in Orlando.

See the coverage here in case you missed it.

“In 10 Months of driving the mustang we have been to 20 Finals and won 15 races! Have been to two finals in one night, twice, and won both classes in one night once! Id say that’s a pretty good start but next year I’m gonna turn it up and try to top this past year! Set the bar high and never give up! I have the best crew, friends, family and sponsors behind me. Im on a mission and nobody is getting in my way!” - Troy Pirez Jr.

Seen here with the latest project owned by Mike Reedy; Troy cut out the hood and fabricated the scoop along with some other odds and ends on the Scumbag Inc. Malibu.

This style of scoop started years ago and were made from Plexiglas, an acrylic based material prone to cracking with a short lifespan. Lexan (polycarbonate resin thermoplastic) is a brand name though most people refer to that name for the material in the same way many people ask for a Coke, when really they want a Mr. Pibb. The Lexan has a UV coating and will withstand the vibrations of the racing environment much better. Innovative Racecraft makes their scoops from 3/16th thick material in a two piece design. I sat down with Troy Pirez Jr. to chat about the scoops and other things at Innovative Racecraft.

Devastation Motorsports – How did you get started with Innovative Racecraft?

Troy Pirez Jr. – I started in 2011, I needed to build a set of headers for my father’s car, and after I got through with them thought I could make some money on the side while going to school at University of South Florida. I started doing some marketing, came up with a logo then started doing some headers in the evening. I knew how to weld some and it took a lot of practice to get to where I am now with it.

DM – What is a Lexan scoop?

TPLexan is polycarbonate material. We make rectangular style scoops in clear or smoked in   thickness.

DM – What are the advantages to using lexan?

TP – The advantages of Lexan is being able to see over the hood and the car. A lot of these cars the seats sit very low in there to clear your helmet with the roll cage specifications today with the funny car cages and everything; people need something where they can still see over the hood and be able to see the track and the christmas tree. Having the lexan scoop allows you to get the air you need and also be able to see the tree and down track.

Texas racer Pat McKinney installed an Innovative Racecraft scoop and picked up 3 MPH over his previous setup.

DM –What do customers need to know before ordering?

TP – When you call to order we need to know some specific measurements. Every scoop is custom made to your specs. We need the distance from front float adjustment screw to the bottom of the hood. The center of the top of the carburetor to the bottom of the hood, and the rear float adjustment screw to the bottom of the hood; also what size cowl hood and the carburetor style, 4150, 4500 or the Pro Systems SV1, which requires a different mounting system because of the single blade design.

Scoops are manufactured from 3/16th thick material and cost $150.00 for clear and $200.00 for smoked/tinted. A custom aluminum standoff is available for $25.00.

DM – What other services do you offer at Innovative Racecraft?

TP – Right now we are specializing in headers, Lexan scoops and windows. I can do most anything from the ground up on racecars as far as fabrication. Other things are suspension set up, I work mainly with stock suspension cars including on track tuning for suspension and nitrous, nitrous set up, pluming and wiring nitrous systems. I also offer full race car wiring.


PH – 813-447-7026




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