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This weekend is the make up date for Aprils rain out of this event and the first time combining the two into once day of racing. The Heads Up Madness program has 10 classes of cars from 7.50 index all the way up to Pro Mod and Open Outlaw blown and nitrous sniffing dragsters and alterds.  Drag Radial/limited Street is always a popular class along with X275 and the new addition for this year Leaf Spring. Visit Bradenton Motorsports website for class and racer information. Gates open tomorrow morning at 8 AM with the track hot at 10 AM.

This weekends coverage is brought to you by Bradenton Motorsports Park, Mendola Racing and Devastation Motorsports.

Today there was a test and tune session from 5-9 PM with quite a few cars taking advantage of the track time.

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Collin Ettienne debuts the new X275 car out of the Racing Integration shop in Tampa, Florida. It's a 5.4 modular Ford with a Garrett 47/88 MM turbo providing boost.

This Nova out of Coral Springs, Florida belongs to Alex Altier and has a 434 SBC with 15* heads and three Induction Solutions foggers. This is the first time out on radials for the car and i saw they got down from A to B, so far so good.

Kenny Gonyo is back in the drivers seat of Joe Holifield's Open Outlaw dragster. Joe has been a long time Bo Laws employee and has been doing the fual pumps there for eighteen years. The build is about a seven year project built to run around 7.20's in quick 16 events. It's a simple 427 ci. BBC with an 8-71 roots blower on top. Kenny had some nice easy 4.40 runs tonight.

An East vs. West shootout was scheduled after some trash talk over on Yellow with only two cars signing up tonight. Eric Kenward and Troy Fredrickson, two of the quickest cars in the state. Kenward lifted the front early and rode it out but stayed airborn too long while Fredrickson made a smooth run in the Fast Forward powered, Procharged Camaro for the win. West 1, East 0.

Don Lamana suits up before his first pass the the day. Don is currently running his Ultimate Street car in X275 untill the new car is finished up at Pro Fab.

Chris Mendola is sporting new colors for this year on his blown Pro Mod Camaro. The team updated and lightened the chassis in the off season and has Bob Newberry on board again this year tuning things up. Mendola is the 2011 Pro Mod Champion for Sunshine Dragstrip.

Fast Frank Cersosimo has developed a friendly rivalry with Mendola and is looking to take him out whenever he can in a classic nitrous vs. blower matchup.

Saturday Coverage

This morning time trial session is just getting wrapped up as we move into qualifying about noon today. A lot of cars came in overnight and this morning and the weather is looking good with partly cloudy skies today.

Dave Hagen own this clean 1968 Chevy pickup and is running Nostalgia Box this weekend. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky he just moved down to St.Pete last September and has seen onle a couple of events here so far. It's powered by a mild 427 ci. BBC.

This old school box Chevy run a straight 6 with an Offenhouser intake. It's a nice period style car, one reason I enjoy the nostalgia cars is the K.I.S.S. philosophy. There is no need to be the fastes guy, just come out for a good time wih friends and family. This is the first nostalgia event I have had the opportuniy to shoot and i am enjoying the variety of cars here this weekend.

Josh Klugger is behing the wheel this weekend of the Fiscus/Klugger Racing Outlaw Radial Mustang. He ran a 4.53 during the time trial session this morning for low ET for the class so far.

Fast Jack Lumsden runs this 69 Camaro Pro Mod with a Buck Racing Engines 801 ci. BBC purchaased from Frank Cersosimo last year. The chassis is by Garret Race Cars out of Missouri.

There is a swapmeet here full of old school parts, everything from vintage tri-cycles to superchargers is on hand including some rare parts.

I always liked the older Pontiacs and little is better than a rare 1969 Trans AM hitting the track, this one is owned by Cecil Canterberry from Myakka, Florida.

Round One qualifying sheets are in the gallery.

Alex Altier was number one qualifier in Leaf Spring with a 5.19 @ 137.

Troy Pirez Sr. took the top spot in X275 with the only 4 second pass of the session, a 4.92 @ 147 MPH. Rick Losee put up a nice 5.03 @ 142 for second in the full 16 car field. there are 19 here today trying to qualify.


Eric Kenward lifted the front again but managed a 5.21 @ 143 for 7th spot.


Vero Beach racer Kirk Hatley is here for the first time in quite a while after some updates to the car. A nice 5.09 @ 136 has him is 4th so far.


Klugger leads the ODR/LS field with a 4.60 @ 180, new Port Richey racer Scott Husted is a full tenth behind with a 4.70 @ 169 for second in the six car field.


Charlie Williams stole the thunder in OL 632 with a very nice 4.72 @ 154 in the heat for top spot.


"Fast" Frank Cersosimo showed them how it's done with a 4.00 @ 188 o top the Outlaw Pro Mod field.

Melissa Hutson leads Open Outlaw with her 2010 Spitzer TAD Dragster with a clean 3.91 @ 186 ahead of tom Wirth's 4.03 @ 185.

Matt Gilmore is back after a long absence getting the engine back in order. He is qualified third with a 4.04 @ 178.

Final Qualifying sheets are in the gallery, we are in first round eliminations now.

Final Results

Mr. 7.50 Matt Cummings does it again earning the win over Rob Walsh. Matt is shown here with the 2011 Sunshine Dragstrip 7.50 Championship trophy.

7.50 Index Runner up Bob Walsh shown with Billy Hamilton.

6.50 Index Winner - Herb Yancer took the win over Bob Riggs with a 6.52 @ 98 to Riggs'6.42 @ 105 breakout run.


6.50 Index Runner up - Bob Riggs from Port Charlotte, Florida.

Leaf Spring Shootout Winner - David Boger took out Troy Pirez Sr. in round one then met with top qualifier Alex Altier who lost reverse and neutral in the transmission after the burnout, forcing him to drive through. Boger laid down a nice 5.18 @ 143 on the final pass.

5.50 Index Winner - Mark Nelson got the class win after Mike Harrison rolled out of the beam going red. He ran it out to a 5.49 @ 121.


5.50 Index Runner up - Mike Harrison hails from Dade City, Florida and runs a 427 BBC in his 72 Corvette.


Open Comp Winner - Joe Duncan took the win over Hannah Sanders with a .015 tree and .072 over index.


Open Comp Runner up - Hannah Sanders


X275 Winner - Troy Pirez Sr. ran the table in a big way this weekend with number one qualifier, set low ET for every round and won the event. Woo !

X275 Runner up - Adam Vetter qualified seventh with a 5.17 and except the first round was quicker every pass finally running a game 5.10 @ 142 in the final.


LS/ODR Winner - Josh Klugger also ran the table in the same fashion as Pirez with the Fiscus/Klugger Racing Mustang. He lost the tree to 2011 Sunshine Dragstrip 2001 Champion Scott Husted but had the top end to get around him with a 4.48 @ 183 after setting low ET on a single in the semis. Husted ran his best of the weekend 4.61 @ 170


Outlaw 632 Winner - Robert Briscoe was number two qualifier running consistant low 4.80's through two rounds then unleashed low ET in the final with a 4.712 @ 154 taking the win over Randy Hix.


Outlaw 632 Runner Up - Randy Hix debut his new car here this weekend built by Joe Chance at Mullis Race cars and powered by a 598 from Nelson Competition.

Outlaw Pro Mod Winner - "Fast" Jack Lumsden from Laxahatchee, Florida ran a string of low 4.20's through the weekend to make the final with the former owner of his engine, Frank Cersosimo. He was very late on the tree but luck went his way as Cersosimo punted a timing cone at the 1/8th and was disqualified.

Outlaw Pro Mod Runner up - "Fast" Frank Cersosimo ran a 4.00 for number one qualifier. In the second session the crew noticed some smoke from the right bank and they pushed it back to the pits and found a pinched ring in one hole. The got it back for round one with a 4.03 @ 181, then a pair of 4.01's and a loss in the final.


Open Outlaw Winner - Melissa Hutson is yet another racer to run the table this weekend. The 2010 Spitzer chassis is powered by a BAE 451.

Open Outlaw Runner up - Matthew Gilmore has to be happy with a runner up in his first race back. He qualified with a 4.04 though didn't match that performance in eliminations.


Combo Winner - Tim Butler wade through five rounds to meet in the finals with Bill Lee Jr. He put up a .011 light to Lee's .035 and took the win in a double breakout match up.


Combo Runner up - Bill Lee Jr. was piloting the 79 Fairmont this weekend with good results making it to the final.

Sportsman Winner - Kaitlyne Hall got the win over John Kaufmann after he went -.078 red in his clean 1980 Trans AM.


Sportsman Runner up - John Kaufmann hails from Bonita Springs, Florida.

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  1. Thanks rob for the great pictures, we’ve been workin hard gettin rid of some new car blues, yesterday was a clip on the shifter linkage dropped out. We’ll see you at the next race, great job to you and Bradenton Motorsports Park, also my crew Chris and Glen, Steve Johnson/Induction Solutions and Bob from Aamco Transmission of Hollywood.

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