Heads Up Madness April 13, 2013 Results

Bradenton Motorsports Park completed their second of six Heads up Madness events for 2013 last Saturday April 13th. The series has 10 classes this year with the addition of Ultra Street and a 5.90 motorcycle index to their regular program. Winner photos courtesy Todd Dickinson/Bradenton Motorsports Park.

Nick Bowling Jr. - 5.90 Motorcycle Index Winner

Billy Hamilton – 7.50 Index Winner

Denise Sosa - 7.50 Index Runner Up.

Jay Adams – 6.50 Index Winner.

Tony Jarvis – 6.50 Index Runner Up.

Steve Tiona – 5.50 Index Winner.

Bill Lee Jr. – 5.50 Index Runner Up.

Walt Drakeford – Ultra Street Winner Walt was working to the last minute on the car after installing a new set of Diamond coated pistons and rebalancing the crankshaft, getting it fired up at eleven PM Friday then working on the new UPR front suspension set up till one Saturday morning at his shop Real Speed Racing in Clearwater. The team got to Bradenton just in time to make one test hit after the truck was hit in a parking lot accident, forcing them to head back to the shop to switch trucks with Jeff Gibbud. The car went straight on the lone shakedown run and Walt qualified with a 5.51@142 in third position. He took out Willy Waddy in round one then Mike Miller with a pair of 5.22’s @ 139 to meet Rob Orsino in the final and earning the event win with a 5.21 @ 139. Sponsors include UPR, Induction Solutions, Quick Fuel Technologies and NLR Systems (www.nmsnitrouscontrol.com) www.realspeedparts.com.

Rob Orsino – Ultra Street Runner Up

Troy Pirez – X275 Winner This is Troy’s first event back after a crash at lights Out IV back in February. The car went to Atillio DeRosa’s Double AA Performance for repairs and upgrades; Troy was the lucky winner of a set of custom valved Afco shocks from Mark Menscer, also installed before this event where he qualified with a 4.86. Pirez took the win over Justin Swanstrom AKA Lil’ Country with a 4.89 @ 150 MPH. Sponsors include Fast Forward Race Engines, Induction Solutions, Brodix, LGM Racing and Development, Diamond Pistons, Innovative Racecraft, MacFab Beadlocks, ARC and PTC

Dave French – Outlaw 632 Winner

Ken Cruz – Pro Mod Winner

Matt Gilmore – Open Outlaw Winner

Scott Rini – Open Outlaw Runner Up

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